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The Little Pink Book

Kerry is a dedicated breast surgeon who loves to teach. The Little Pink Book is truly what she says every day to her patients. The book is divided into two sections. The first section contains her daily teachings on breast care incorporating her unique background. She is a board certified surgeon trained at Tufts University, certified yoga teacher, and, reiki master, who integrates eastern and western philosophies, knowledge and research into her daily practice.

The second section is a reference section covering prevention, guidelines and supplements as well as her advice regarding specific diagnoses seen most frequently in her busy Boston-based breast practice. It is meant to help each person with their individual diagnosis and treatment options. The worst part about breast disease today is the stress and anxiety surrounding it. Kerry believes that knowledge empowers people and decreases their stress.

By incorporating her daily teachings for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast disease and cancer into this portable book she hopes to provide an easy to use tool to help her patients and others learn to care for themselves and get the help they need.

The second edition of The Little Pink Book is now available on Amazon — in Kindle form or book.

NOTE:  Please email me directly if you would like a copy of the paperback.

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Stress Less

Everyone needs and wants to stress less. Decreasing our stress levels improves health and quality of life. Stress Less: A toolbox for wellness provides easily accessible practices in the conversational, down-to-earth, hopeful and personable approach of Dr. Kerry Bennett.

From the introduction:

Stress is ubiquitous. It affects all off us and has dramatic effects on our bodies and minds. Stress causes problems with our memories and contributes to the biggest killers in our society such as stroke, heart disease and possibly cancer. Learning how to stress less takes practice. We practice many things in life but often don’t give the time we need to practice training ourselves to respond instead of react. We are hardwired through our nervous systems to be on alert for danger. We react through the flight, fight and freeze of our sympathetic nervous system (SNS). While that was adaptive for our survival teleologically we now often live with lots of SNS activation through worry, constant thoughts, throwing ourselves into work or shutting down. We cut off from truth, people, and from what we really want and need. The book is an offering of 47 tools to help people find practices that are accessible and easy to use. It can be used on the spot, for daily practice or joyous exploration. The practices are integrated from many different traditions and studies.


Now available on Amazon — in Kindle form or paperback.