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My Symbol


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My symbol is a butterfly with a caduceus as its body. The wings of Hermes are represented by hands. I devised the symbol (with the assistance of Erin Murray) because it represents life and healing.

The caduceus is a symbol of Medicine. It also represents energy healing with the two snakes (kundalini) wrapping around the staff. These represent the ida, pingala, and shushmana, or the right, left and central energy channels. The points where these intersect make up the seven major energy points or chakras. I find it fascinating that the caduceus symbolizes Western, allopathic medicine but also Eastern, Energy healing.

The butterfly is a symbol of life in literature. I was visited by a butterfly 48 hours before the birth of both of my children.

The hands replace the wings of Hermes staff in my symbol. I am a surgeon and healer and my hands are my means of healing.