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High Risk Breast Care

Kerry is a high risk breast care specialist. She examines patients with compassion and care. She helps transform fear to hope.

Life Coaching

Kerry works with clients to articulate and achieve their goals and help them live their best life. The work is typically done in weekly or biweekly phone calls lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. She supports clients who may be going through a career or life transition, experiencing crisis, and/or people who want to spend more time and energy on what matters to them.  In 2013 she began working with the Massachusetts Medical Society Physician Health Services to coach surgeons and physicians find more joy in their work and improve their relationships and environments at work and home.


Kerry began yoga when pregnant in 1999 and became a teacher in 2005.  Movement is critically important to health.  The daily practice of yoga helps Kerry maintain her own health.  She teaches as well and has had special training in trauma sensitive and vinyasa flow yoga.  Yoga means union and she finds the union of breath and movement to increase strength, stamina, mindfulness and health.

Speaking & Teaching

Kerry has experience teaching many types of people including various ages and stages from second grade to adolescents, medical students to doctors and nurses,  and the robust and healthy to the frail and ill.  She loves to share her knowledge and knows she learns immensely from those she teaches. Her topics for discussion include surgical disease, cancer, genetics of cancer, health and wellness, stress management, self-care, holistic care, care for caretakers, and navigating the healthcare system.



As of September, 2016 Kerry has completed Level One Internal Family Systems (IFS) training.  This model of therapy is non-pathologizing and helps people transform their lives into a way of being where one leads from their Self.  It is powerful and supportive.  Kerry offers private consultation from her home office.