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Kathryn Hughes, MD, FACS
I first met Kerry as a surgical colleague, and from the start we had an easy rapport. Since then, I have become a coaching client, building more on that rapport and her innate qualities as a compassionate, caring, and empathetic person. In addition to her training as a Life Coach, she is a physician and surgeon; these qualifications together give her a unique perspective in coaching, especially for physicians and surgeons. She brings a true and deep understanding of the circumstances and challenges her clients face, and can draw from her own experience and first-hand observations of life in medicine. This makes her an extraordinary, and extraordinarily effective, coach.

Anonymous Thoracic Surgeon Coaching Client
In my experience with Dr. Kerry Bennett through several coaching sessions she was very thoughtful, understanding and extremely helpful. She was totally honest and placed me into a receptive frame of mind that facilitated learning and self advancement in a new and rapidly advancing world of appropriate social etiquette. She was highly engaging, vastly experienced, yet comfortable to work with and I found her guidance and recommendations greatly beneficial. She made self reflection and internal change comprehensible.

Bernie Lambrese CEO, Infusion Resource, Clinical Care America
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation. I have listened to hundreds of physicians speak at hundreds of dinner meetings throughout the years, and you were among the most engaging, informative and entertaining presenters that I have heard.

Margaret Loeper Vasquez 35 year old breast cancer survivor
When Dr. Bennett asked if I would write a testimonial on her behalf I did not hesitate, however finding the right words (with 7 week post partum brain) to truly express how I feel about her and her outstanding care, gave me pause. I found the words while sitting here watching my sweetly cooing 7 week old daughter. It is because of Dr. Bennett’s care and advice that my daughter exists. Dr Bennett somehow knew exactly how to handle my case (and me) so that I would stop, contemplate and listen. This enabled me to make choices that she and her colleagues executed beautifully. Dr. Bennett then guided me through the physical and emotional recovery I needed to proceed with having a second child. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Bennett, would highly recommend her to anyone and have a survivor baby to prove it!

Anonymous Woman in her 40s
I consider myself most fortunate to have had Dr. Bennett as my doctor when I was facing my initial consultation. They say something good comes from something bad. The circumstances were less then desirable when I met her for the first time. However, the outcome of having been under the care of such a thorough and caring physician for several years is priceless. Her personalized care before and after surgeries exceeds expectations. It is very comforting to know that Dr. Bennett is still only an e-mail or phone call away.

Carol Lundeen Certified Professional Photographer,
I first met Kerry when were both attending a 3-day coaching fundamentals course. It became clear right away that her sense of intuition is highly developed, and she uses it to inform her deep curiosity. Her communication style is supportive, and she’s an excellent listener. Not long after the course, Kerry helped me enormously during the process of a health scare. She shared not just her medical knowledge, but also shone as the well-rounded, whole self healer that she is. We also shared some good laughs, which can be the best medicine of all.

Susan C. Hammond Business Advisor, Coach, & Facilitator,
I had the privilege of having Kerry as my doctor for a few years. I found Kerry to be deeply caring, a strong communicator and pragmatic when the situation warranted it. We then trained together as coaches where I observed her to be a deep spiritual thinker, courageous on behalf of her clients and someone who knows how to have fun. As a doctor and coach I recommend her highly.

From a former patient who is now a coaching client (whom I have asked to call me Kerry but she just can't make that transition yet!)
I have had three coaching sessions with Dr. Bennett. To be honest, I was somewhat nervous the first time I met with Dr. Bennett, but she made me feel very comfortable right from the start. I found speaking with her very natural, in fact, it never really felt like I was in a “coaching session”. It was only after, when I reviewed our conversations in my mind, that I realized how she very capably made me aware of the reality of my situation. Dr. Bennett has amazing listening skills, not only to what I am saying verbally, but also to read between the lines and to hear those unspoken words. Dr. Bennett has been instrumental in helping me develop and carry out the strategies necessary to identify and meet my goals. I am very blessed to have Dr. Bennett in my life.

LHD American Airlines Pilot
The Coaching work I have done with Kerry has been a tremendous gift in my life. She has given me creative insight and fresh approaches to some of my life’s most challenging issues. Kerry has helped me get ‘over the hump’ in ways I never would have imagined. Her gift of compassion, and her non-judgmental nature allow for an atmosphere of trust and openness. I value her insights from both professional and personal standpoints, as my relationship with her has spanned both realms for over fifteen years. Kerry is a dedicated, committed, gifted, individual who devotes herself to helping others find and maintain their well being. She goes to great lengths with her clients to facilitate the expansion of self-knowledge, trust, and inner balance. In essence, teaching true self-acceptance. Any individual who chooses the work with Kerry in a Coaching capacity will not be disappointed. She truly holds a key which opens the doors of greatness, self-understanding, clarity, and joy. Her work is, indeed, magic. Let her show you the way.

Kerry Bennett listens to me. I have such a strong voice in my head. She hears me, says back to me what I have said and helps me clarify exactly what I need to focus on based on what I am saying. Kerry is enthusiastic and passionate. Her coaching is giving me the feedback I need to achieve my goals. She is fearless and committed. I am thrilled to be working with her.